Can be the best game


First of all congrats for a game with great 3D graphics, sound & design. It can be the best if:

1) It takes some time to understand the features of the game...I guess it needs full tutorial (or youtube video) for better game-play or at least needs to describe what all coins, gems & crystal are meant for.

2) Please add more drama to it ...like pilot ejecting from the plane (in order to use the next plane) in mission/events/ranked tournaments...or solo/duel/team match using cannon only to .make it slightly more realistic & more dependent on pilot skills......like dog fighting ...rather than being ..just another game in which all the players are firing like crazy pilots with their purchased/upgraded high class planes.

May be it's done purposely to increase in-app purchase...but that will only lure small age-group....making it broader will lure all age-group.

3) Add more spice to stereotyped missions ..like nuclear attack missions in which three planes of all classes are used for a single/final mission ..... Missions are stereotyped ...needs dramatic changes.

4) Smoke in free flight is almost useless.... needs a marketplace to sell/exchange planes...exchange planes in fleet among users ....needs a lift up with more options... like changing gold to gems or crystals.

It certainly has the capability to be the best game on the android platform.

Thanks & Regards.


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