VOLV Official account system Introduction

  1. What's VOLV official account?
    • VOLV official account is introduced in Air Combat Online V5.5.0. You can use your frequently used email account (Gmail, yahoo mail, etc) to register a VOLV account, and then associate your current game progress with it.
  1. What's the difference between VOLV account and current account?
    • Currently, players login to the game with a guest account and then choose to whether associate the game progress with Google account (Android) or Game Center account (iOS) or not. If they didn't associate the game progress with Google account or Game Center account, the game progress can't be synced on multiple devices, and there is risk of losing progress after deleting the game.
    • When VOLV account is introduced, no matter whether players have associated their game progress with Google account / Game Center account or not, they can choose to associate it with VOLV account again. After associating successfully, login with VOLV account and Guest account are both supported.
  1. What can we do with VOLV official account?
    • You can associate the game progress with VOLV account, and then login the game with VOLV account on both Android and iOS devices. That means you can sync game progress across platforms.
  1. How to register VOLV account and associate game progress?
    • In new version 5.5.0, you can find the feature associate account both in the "Settings" and in "Bulletin". After tapping on the button "Associate now" in the bulletin or "Link Account" in the settings, you can follow the instruction to register an account.
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