Error 498 when trying to download apps from Google Play?

If you received that error during downloading then I can say it is a Google error which means that there is nothing with your device. It was most likely that Google servers from which you were trying to download the app were in maintenance as this error is related to connection problem on the server side. Just wait a few more minutes and try again.


If you have been experiencing the error for days now and you are not using Google Play. You can check your device’s cache partition. As you may have been downloading the update / application which are larger than your device’s cache partition, you should check your device and the file size.
Follow the instructions to clear cache:
  1. setting / applications / manage applications 
  2. select "all" 
  3. tap "Google Play Store"
  4. clear cache 
  5. clear data 
  6. back to list 
  7. tap "Google Services Framework" 
  8. clear cache 
  9. clear data 
  10. boot into CWM 
  11. wipe cache 
  12. wipe dalvik-cache 
  13. reboot
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