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Sign in and play games with Google+


For select games on Google Play, you have the option to sign in and play using your Google+ account. Using your Google+ account , you can play games across platforms and participate in leaderboards, earn in-game achievements, save your in-game progress, and even play others through multiplayer modes on web, mobile, and tablet games.

Play games with Google+

If a game has enabled Google+ sign in, you can click the Google+ sign in button to play the game using your Google+ account. If you use multiple accounts on an Android device, you can choose which Google+ account you'd like to use. Learn more about signing in with Google+.

If you don't have a Google+ account, you can sign up before starting the game.

Information shared with a game developer can only be used by developers in relation to your in-game experience. It cannot be used for any other purposes, including advertising.

When using your Google+ account to sign in, please carefully review the information from your Google account requested from the game, along with the circles with whom you want to share your game activity. Whether you choose to share your scores and achievements publicly, with a select circle of gaming friends on Google+, or just keep them to yourself, you can still use your Google+ account to sign in.

To learn more about the information a game is requesting, select the information icon next to any category. You can also choose which of your circles a game can see and the circles who can view your game activity by selecting the pencil icon during the during the sign in process. By default, your game activity and real name are shared publicly unless you choose to change your settings during sign-in.

For more about how games use your Google+ information, read Google's privacy policy.

Share game activity

When you choose to share your game activity publicly or to a select group of your circles, your gaming activity will only appear on game-related pages and won’t post to your profile stream on Google+ unless you choose to share it.

Manage your in-game Google+ settings

You can review or modify your Google+ settings to change who can see your game activities when signed in with Google+.

  • Select the Menu button from the Google leaderboards or achievements list
  • Choose Settings > Google+ app settings
  • Review and modify your sharing settings

If you no longer want to associate your Google+ account with a game, you can select theDisconnect app option. After disconnecting, your gaming progress (including high scores, achievements) will no longer be associated with your Google+ account.

To review and manage your Google+ app settings, visit your Manage apps page on Google+.

Save your progress with Cloud Save

Have you ever progressed really far in a game you love, then you had to start over again because you were using a different phone or tablet? For select games on Google Play, you can save your progress with Cloud Save, so you can pick up where you left off on all your devices when signed in with your Google+ account.

Through Cloud Save, your Google+ account lets the game know your progress, regardless of what device you were using. When playing a Cloud Save-enabled game on multiple devices, be sure to check if you’re using the same Google+ account so that your progress, along with any achievements or high scores, are associated with your preferred account.

If you want to delete your saved data from all games that use Cloud Save, visit the Google Settings app and select Menu > Clear app data. This will clear all your data from all accounts.


Achievements and leaderboards

While signed in with your Google+ account, you can earn in-game achievements and compare your scores with others playing the same game with their Google+ accounts on enabled games.

Earn in-game achievements

The more you play, the more opportunities you'll have to earn in-game achievements that mark the biggest accomplishments in your game. Whether you earn an achievement for a high score, completing new levels, unlocking a bonus round, or anything else, you can keep earning achievements as you progress through a game. When you’ve earned an achievement, you'll see a notification on your screen that shows you what you’ve unlocked.


When a game has enabled leaderboards, you can track high scores across friends, opponents, and the world. Find yourself near the top of the list? You’ll be able to see how close you really are to being the best in the world through a game’s leaderboards.

My Circles leaderboard

If friends in your Google+ circles share their activity for the same game you're playing with your Google+ account, you can compare scores on the game's My Circlesleaderboard. You can control which circles can see your gaming activity during the Sign in with Google+ process or by visiting a game's Settings at any time.

Public leaderboard

If you choose to make your gaming activity public while signing in with Google+, you can see how your scores compare to everyone else who also chooses to share their scores publicly.

Leaderboards update regularly, so check back often to see how your scores compare to circles of your friends, co-workers, and people around the world!

Challenge others with multiplayer mode

When playing multiplayer-enabled games with your Google+ account, you can invite other gamers or friends in your Google+ circles to play a game with you at the same time.

Start a multiplayer game

For enabled games, after selecting Multiplayer mode, options can include:

  • A mode to anonymously play with anyone in the world looking to play with others
  • Invite friends: Find friends and potential opponents to play from your Google+ circles
  • Invitations: Accept or decline invitations sent to you from friends in your Google+ circles
Not all multiplayer games will have an anonymous multiplayer mode enabled and multiplayer is not available on iOS devices at this time.

Once players have accepted invitations and you’re connected, you'll be ready to start playing a game together in real-time. Please note that multiplayer mode may connect your device directly to other players.

Send and receive invitations

When a friend in your circles invites you to play a multiplayer game, you will receive a notification on your device indicating that she’s invited you to play with her, along with the name of the game she'd like to play. You can change which friends send you notifications using the Google Settings app.

If you've already downloaded the same game on your device, you can choose whether to Play or Decline the invitation. If you don’t have the same game downloaded, you’ll be given the option to download the game before playing.

Select Play and you’ll begin connecting to play with your friend in multiplayer mode. If you want to decline the invitation, select Decline to dismiss the invitation.

Before inviting friends to play, it's a good idea to let them know to look out for an invitation to make sure they’re connected and available. Make sure your friends have you in their Google+ circles, as notifications can only be received by people who mutually have each other in circles. If your friend does not have you in her circles, she will need to access your invitation from the game.

Please note: You will not receive a separate notification when an invitation has been declined. If you send an invitation to people in your circles and your multiplayer game doesn't begin, it's possible that your invitation was declined or they do not have you in their circles.

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